Join kidOYO Mentors at Stony Brook University - All Experience Levels Welcome!

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Ages 8 - 17 - One Week Camp - ALL Campers Will Be Assessed Day 1 of Camp - Mentors Sort Students By Skill Levels In All Learning Sessions - NO PREVIOUS SKILLS REQUIRED
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Create Games, Build Websites, Compete on Teams and Make Friends at kidOYO Summer Camp!

Join kidOYO for our 8th year of summer camps at Stony Brook University. Each week, students will be led through a variety of programming classes including Scratch, Python, Web Development, Unity game development, Arduino, and more! Every student receives a year-long membership to the kidOYO learning platform (, which includes their own website and domain name. Each student will learn how to build a website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The camp week will conclude with an exciting "Demo Day" where parents get to visit campus and watch campers present the projects they worked during week, using their own, self-built portfolio website.

This year we’re also bringing back Code Cache: a treasure hunt-style game where students solve programming riddles and challenges to reveal clues. This interactive game will bring them around the digital world, as well as around campus, searching for clues and solving riddles. This, and more fun competitions, make for an engaging and fun week of camp for all involved!

kidOYO students have gone on to develop games to be published on Steam, mobile apps, design and build IoT projects, take and pass the AP computer science test as young as 12 years old, compete in First Robotics, and much more!

About kidOYO

kidOYO is a nonprofit that has been bringing computer science and engineering education to students for more than 10 years. We often teach through making games, having started out guiding students through projects like Minecraft and Roblox modding. However, at kidOYO there is simply no letting students play games and calling it learning. Many programs or tools will allow students to play a game, or  ‘type this line of code here’ and call it learning. Our methods use the power of personal motivation found in game development, while aiming at practical challenges with real mentor feedback and real skills embedded in every interaction. 

OYO stands for Own Your Own. Our team of professional developers and engineers help students learn and get started, but also teach them the self-reliant skills needed to pursue learning outside of the classroom; students own their own learning. Our team believes in "functional literacy" methods that teach, not only programming skills, but digital literacy, ethics, and self sufficiency; skills that are important in a world where using technology can often mean handing over personal and private information to organizations for many different reasons.

Who are the kidOYO Mentors?

kidOYO mentors are what keep the classes going. kidOYO's core team is comprised of professional developers, engineers, and product development professionals with several years of experience in both industry and education. kidOYO Certified Mentors are trained and certified Computer Science and Engineering students and graduates, many coming from Stony Brook University. kidOYO mentors are interested, not only in programming, but in passing along their knowledge and creating fun and interesting projects. All mentors leading a class have had prior experience teaching a variety of age ranges, and many are curriculum creators as well.

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Summer Camp - Week 6

Stony Brook, New York

Date and Time
Mon, August 03, 2020, 09:00 AM
- Fri, August 07, 2020, 04:00 PM
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"Old" Computer Science Building
Stony Brook, New York 11790
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